Mueko Murao is an artist, art-director, designer, and serial entrepreneur
based in Boston




Laser cutting ply wood, inkjet printing stickers and papers, iron printed gloves, laminated paper, 15.5″x13″x5.5″.


Social media is like a drug. It’s a very useful tool when you know how to use it, but it can become very dangerous if you use it improperly. It’s designed to be addictive, so it’s very natural for you to become hooked and it can be very hard to get away from.

Believe it or not, “Social media addiction” can be more addictive than alcohol, cocaine, or tobacco. I wanted to show through this piece social media’s addictive nature and how seriously it should be handled.

The kit includes:
1. Suggestions “DELETE APPS” – so that you can’t access it
2. “GLOVE” – so that you can’t type on your phone
3. “OUTLET COVER” – so that you can’t recharge it
4. “WATER” – so that you can destroy your phone
5. “LOG HOUSE”- so that you can stay away from it
6. “DRUGS” – so that you can forget about it