Mueko Murao is an artist, art-director, designer, and serial entrepreneur
based in Boston


Somernova Art Project

Enjoy art through your phone

AR Art Gallery, By Mieko Murao, is a public-viewing AR art gallery that showcases local artists/musicians. A total of 10 blank frames, each of them activated when viewed through the camera on a smart phone, have been strategically placed create a path connecting various creativity hubs to each other in Somerville.

The aspect of a scavenger hunt and discovery. The AR Art Gallery will be activated when the camera phone scans the QR code in the center of the blank frames.

When one is ready to check out the next art, all one has to do is hit the refresh button on the mobile website. The artwork and music being paired will shuffle and showcase the next new combination of art and music from the pool of selected local artists.

Art, design, and technology.
Of the local, for the local.

I created an AR Gallery for everyone to enjoy because all museums were closed during the height of the pandemic. My idea for featuring local artists and musicians has gained excitement around the community and garnered attention, including the Somerville Museum, which has now contributed works from their archives and artworks for the gallery.

This public AR gallery continues to grow and expand, as does Somerville’s art scene.

See featured Artists and musicians