Mieko Murao is an artist, art-director, designer, and serial entrepreneur
based in Boston


The Secret of Affirmative Action

2018, Video, 13 minutes 11 seconds

“The Secret of Affirmative Action” is a documentary video that contains interviews from professors of UC Berkeley and experts talking about “Affirmative Action”.

“If affirmative action is race based access to institutional resource opportunity, when was it registrated? – 1618.  Is this affirmative action: if you’re White you get 50 acres of land, 30 shillings, 10 bushels of corn and a musket solely based on the color of your skin (not for any other reason)? What about the naturalization act of 1790 that says, If you’re White you can become a citizen. It’s not about anything except the color of your skin, not merit, not hard work, not meeting the criteria; just being White, the color of your skin. You have access to a loan, you have access to a neighborhood; ‘You can live in this neighborhood if you’re White’. So was this country built on affirmative action for White people?”

– Deena Hayes-Greene of the Racial Equity Institute on Podcast ‘Seeing White’